Hard Rock Calcium, Calcium Carbornate Powder, Dolomite, Ground Magnesium limestone (GML), Raw LimeStone
HardRock Calcium is an established and innovative company specializing in the manufacturing and supplying the calcium carbonate related products.

Driven by futuristic vision, we are committed to creating innovative and unique product with emphasis with consistently high quality products, dependable service and on-time delivery at highly competitive prices.

At HardRock Calcium the watch words are - "Efficiency is our priority

From this strong base, we have expanded our product lines and services to many with customers from a range of manufacturing industries including rubber, paint, coatings, plastics, and paper industries.

As a firm believer in the merits of innovation, we recognize that e-commerce is more than a set of tools, but rather, an enhanced set of processes that are improved by using the right technology to enable better, more effective and smarter ways of working. Technology is an enabler of change not a driver of change. We combine proven e-commerce tools with the business processes, project management skills, and market knowledge to deliver value to our customers.
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